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Retrenchment Consultancy

Business conditions is South Africa can be exceptionally challenging for employers.  So much so that many employers are often forced to consider restructuring, downsizing, and retrenchments.  

Legislation regulating these processes requires that specific procedures be adhered to.  The legal requirements contained in s189 of the Labour Relations Act which regulate retrenchments can often prove daunting to employers, particularly those who have never retrenched staff before or who have not had to for some time.  Making procedural errors can prove extremely costly and have dire consequences for your business. 

Having actively represented companies in many retrenchment exercises across a broad range of industries over the decades, GA&A can assist your business, whether you need to formulate a retrenchment strategy, or engage with militant staff or trade unions over contemplated retrenchments.  Contact us today to discuss your desired process, objectives, strategy, and tactics.