Webinar: Preparing for Shut Down : 3 November 2021 via Teams platform from 14h00 to 16h30

The end of the year brings with it the complicated task of processing the leave entitlement and leave benefits of employees, including the calculation of leave pay and leave enhancement pay.

Understanding and applying the complex rules and legislation governing these calculations may prove to be daunting for Pay Roll and Human Resources staff.

Gordon Angus and Associates offers a half-day workshop to guide businesses through the processes to be followed in preparation for the end of the year. This includes the intricacies involved with annual leave and the calculation of leave pay, leave enhancement pay and shift accumulation benefit.

Topics covered:

Rules governing annual leave

  • The Basic Conditions of Employment act versus the Settlement Agreement.
  • The “leave cycle”.
  • When may leave be taken by an employee?
  • Accrual of annual leave.
  • Calculating the accrual annual leave.
  • Implications of the Shut Down on employees who have exhausted all leave.

 The annual shutdown period

  • Date to be determined by Management.
  • Clause 16 of the Settlement Agreement.

 Rules governing leave pay and leave enhancement pay (aka bonuses)

  • The Basic Conditions of Employment act versus the Settlement Agreement.

 The calculation of leave pay and leave enhancement pay (aka bonuses)

  • The effect of public holidays.
  • Calculating leave pay.
  • Calculating leave enhancement pay.

 Shifts Accumulation

  • Calculating the total number of shifts that may be worked in a year.
  • 5 day working week versus 6 day working week.


Chloe Hoffmann, Associate, Gordon Angus & Associates. Chloe Hoffmann received her Bachelor of Arts degree and LLB with distinction from Rhodes University and, thereafter, went on to complete a Master’s of Law degree at Wits University, which she received Cum Laude in 2016. During her studies, she received numerous awards, including the Shirley Ritchie Award for best female student entering the final LLB year, the Brian Peckham Memorial Prize as the best student in Environmental Law, the Phatshoane Henney Incorporated medal awarded for obtaining an LLB degree with distinction, and the Rhodes Investec Top 100 for academic excellence. Chloe completed her articles at the Wits Law Clinic, where she worked closely with labour attorneys and gained invaluable experience in labour law and representing clients in labour disputes.

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