How to Proactively Manage Performance

What gets measured, gets done!

There are five clear steps to proactively manage performance:

  1. Set specific objectives (no more than 5) for every individual employee to achieve team and organisational goals;
  2. Ensure that every individual employee understands what is expected of them;
  3. Deliberately engage with individual employees to discuss specific areas of their performance;
  4. Establish the forum for constructive two-way communication so that performance management is not about finding fault, rather about moving productivity forward;
  5. Implement and activate and monitor measurements for each task that needs to be done.

This process ensures that performance problems are nipped in the bud and that everyone knows what is expected of them, and when.

There can only be two causes of non-performance: attitude or ability. The steps above should help a manager predict and prevent either of these eventualities from happening.

  • If there are capability problems, the manager needs to initiate a process of training and assessing to determine progress;
  • if it is an attitudinal problem, the manager should engage in conversation and resort to counselling if necessary to maintain performance standards.

The principle that what gets measured gets done is the most critical mindset to hold when proactively managing performance. Objective and clear measurements ensure fair and focused work performance!

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