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The Employment Equity Amendment Bill contains a number of provisions which, if it becomes law, will have serious implications for employers. These include the following: The new Act would empower the Employment and Labour Minister to identify national economic sectors and then determine employment equity targets for these. These would effectively become quotas. State contracts […]

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Good news! E-Commerce is now permitted under Alert Level 4

The Minister of Trade and Industry issued Directions on E-Commerce which came into effect on 14 May 2020 and will remain in force for the duration of Alert Level 4. E-commerce has been identified as a critical enabler to opening the economy through contactless transaction. This directive will permit e-commerce businesses to swing back into […]

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How Procedural Mistakes in Disciplinary Processes Can Cost your Business

In Mzeku & others v Volkswagen SA (Pty) Ltd (2001) 22 ILJ 1575 (LAC), the court held that the LRA doesn’t permit reinstatement where dismissal is found to be only procedurally unfair.  However, the Labour Appeal Court is divided by the question whether a procedural flaw can render a dismissal substantively unfair as well. If […]

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